Who is Krowdguru?

Krowdguru is established Fintech platform in Singapore providing p2p, equity and lending-based crowdfunding. Krowdguru platform allows new startup’s & SME’s to raise funds & loans from Investors, venture capitalists, Entrepreneur’s & business houses in exchange of attractive returns.

What is p2p lending?

Peer-to-Business Lending (P2P) is a new way to use the internet and latest technologies to efficiently connect businesses trying to raise funds with investors looking to invest in promising Entrepreneurs and Small-Medium Size Businesses (SMEs). With P2P, everyone can directly invest and support local SMEs and everyone can access funding without relying only on traditional financial intermediarie such as a banks.

Is Krowdguru legal & regulated?

Yes. Krowdguru has received legal opinion that the current business model in compliant with current regulations within its respective jurisdictions.

Why invest with Krowdguru

We provide investors unique opportunities to participate in the funding of exciting early-stage startups or the ListCo Bond campaigns of listed companies.
With Krowdguru, there’s no need to deal with multiple parties. Our platform links startups with a lead investor who will determine and negotiate the terms for the campaign.
The Krowdguru team has implemented a set of screening procedures and selection criteria for startups that are allowed to build fundraising campaigns on our platform.

Who can access Krowdguru platform

Only registered members (with investor and business accounts) of Krowdguru can gain access to the information and services provided by the platform. To gain access, identification proofs are required.


Who can register as investor with Krowdguru?

By submitting required information via Krowdguru website, everyone can become a Krowdguru Platform Investor while only Accredited Investors (AI) or Institutional Investors (II) can become a Krowdguru International Platform Investor. To begin the application process, signup and login to the website and click on the "Become Investor" link. Once your application has been approved you will become an Investor Member and be able to make investments.

What are required documents for investor registration?

You are required to submit documentary proof of your identity (i.e. a photograph or scanned copy of your NRIC or IC, passport number, company registration number)

How long it takes for registration approval?

Subject to our credit assessment, your application will be approved after we have received and verified all required documents. The verification process will take no more than 5 working days.
For Business Loan applications, a face-to-face meeting will be conducted.

How much can an investor invest?

There is no limit to the investment amount, and an Investor Member can diversify their investment across a portfolio of offers. However, an Investor should only invest the amount that they are comfortable with.

Can an investor withdraw after commitment?

Yes, you may withdraw your commitment at any point before the signature of e-documents (which represent a binding contract between yourself and the company in which you're investing), whereupon your commitment will become irreversible. You will need to contact the Krowdguru team and let them know you are no longer interested. Remember at this point it also is invaluable to give feedback to companies about why you choose to part.

What are benefits of being investor on Krowdguru?

As an Investor on Krowdguru, you gain exclusive access to top Deals. You will be able to invest alongside serious investors from our ecosystem. We provide a self-served, consolidated platform for you to review the terms of a Deal, download investment docs, and connect with founders online.
Deals on Krowdguru also lower their minimum investment to allow prospective investors the opportunity to invest smaller amounts of capital in more companies to expand your portfolio.

What steps does Krowdguru takes to protect investor

Before raising funds through our platform, companies are vetted by Krowdguru thorough screening procedures and selection criteria to determine whether they are suitable candidates.

How can investor withdraw his investment?

You will be able to withdraw your Available Balance (committed amount is excluded) from your online account any time after 1 month from your first top up.

What are tax implications for investors?

(Note: The following does not constitute, nor should be considered as tax or investment advice. Investors must consult personally with their tax advisor to understand the tax implications most relevant to their personal situation.) According to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), interest income from loans to companies is taxable at progressive tax rates for tax residents.

What are legal documents that investor needs to sign to legally lend money

When you make investment, you will be able to access the Terms & Condition of Application, Escrow Agent Agreement and receive an Application Form on your dashboard. After the offer is fully funded, you will receive a Notes Certificates and other transaction related legal documents on your dashboard.

Do actual investment and transaction happen on Krowdguru

At this time, the actual transaction of wiring money does not happen on Krowdguru. The closing of dollars will happen offline with the company.
Krowdguru is a marketing and engagement tool for company Deal’s, with a growing crowd of investors actively investing in Deals.

What happens if campaign ends with less than 100% funding

Campaigns sometimes fall short of their targeted funding goals. If the campaign hits > 80% of its target, the business will have access to the funds raised at the conclusion of the fundraising cycle. 
If the campaign hits < 80% of its target, the business can either extend the campaign cycle or close the campaign.

What happens if campaign ends with more than 100% funding

If > 100% funding is achieved in a campaign, the company will have the option to upsize; 
If not, allocation will be done on a pro rata basis (your company will have full autonomy on this decision


Who can raise funds through Krowdguru?

For Krowdguru Platform, all businesses incorporated in Singapore and every Krowdguru member is eligible to raise funding. For Krowdguru International Platform, most businesses worldwide are eligible to raise funding.

How long does a campaign go for?

A campaign cycle with Krowdguru takes 30 days. The majority of campaigns on our platform have been completed within a single campaign cycle.

What is the cost involved for running a campaign on Krowdguru?

Early-stage businesses in their Post-Seed or Pre-Series a Round who is considering raising funds through equity deals. These companies should meet the following criteria:
Incorporated in Singapore
Incorporated for at least 3 months
Minimum paid-up capital of S$50,000
At least 1 Singaporean Founder
Singapore Exchange (SGX) Mainboard- or Catalist-listed companies in Singapore which are considering raising funds through a ListCo Bond (crowdfunded bonds for SGX-listed companies). These companies should meet the following criteria:
Majority-owned by a Singapore citizen or permanent resident
Not on the SGX Watchlist
Have positive Net Tangible Assets
Lien Shareholder Equity
Can provide a Corporate Guarantee


What documents are required to be submitted?

For unsecured Business Loans, the following documents are required:
a) Certified true copy of the latest ACRA Bizfile Business Profile Report
b) Certified true copy of the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement/Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A)
c) Proof of Identity of Directors/Partners/Managing Partner
d) Proof of residential address of all the authorized Directors/Partners/Managing Partner in the Resolution
e) Proof of local trading address, dated within the last six months
f) A corporate bank account with a local bank or Foreign Qualifying Full Bank in Singapore with at least 6 months of bank statements
g) Latest Financial Statement (Preferably 2 years of audited statements)

  For invoice financing, the following documents are required:
a) Bank statements for past 6 months
b) Tax Invoices
c) Latest NRIC / Notice of Assessment / Credit Bureau Singapore report of guarantor

How long does it take for registration to be approved?

Krowdguru will review a listing within 5 working days and if all is in order, the approved draft will be posted on the Dashboard. An email will be sent when a draft is approved.

How to make repayment of loan

A reminder will appear on the Dashboard prior to the scheduled repayment due date. You will also receive an email reminder 1 week before due date. You can transfer the repayment amount to Krowdguru by internet banking, GIRO or via cheque.

What if my business goes bankrupt?

Investors have the legal rights to file claims against the issuer based on the agreement.